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Reuters Says No to Raw

Reuters Says No to Raw

As reported on PetaPixel and many other locations this week, Reuters is asking it photographers to submit their images in JPEG format, generated in camera and not in RAW format. I’ve noticed this policy seemed to surprise a number of photographers and created a...

Abstract Subject Photography

Abstract Subjects in Photography When learning photography you will invariably get told to make your subject stand out. No doubt, you will be told a number of ways to accomplish this including, focus, depth of field, composition, leading lines and countless others....

Find Creative Inspiration from Trends

I saw a great interactive infographic on Shutterstock the other day showing trends in several regions around the world. It occurred to me that this infographic is a wonderful tool for creative inspiration. I’ve used Pintrest and other sources of images for a...
Creative Photographers

Creative Photographers

Creative Art To me the essence of creativity is accepting that there are no rules and a commitment to trying new things to see what works and what doesn’t work. My recent observations in the world of photography lead me to think we, as photographers, have become...