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Improve Lightroom 6 Performance - Forget the Thirds
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Simple Lightroom 6 Performance Fix

If you read my previous posts about Lightroom 6, you no doubt realize that I was underwhelmed by the performance improvements that were supposed to be part of the new release. I am happy to say that I found a simple way to improve, if not completely fix the Lightroom 6 performance issues I experienced.

Camera Raw Setting

Lightroom sets up space to use as a cache on your hard disk or SSD to hold your Raw files while you manipulate them. In theory, this should give Lightroom unfettered access to the data it needs when it needs it to provide buttery smooth performance when users are working on their files. For some reason, Adobe decided to set the default Camera Raw Cache Size to 1GB.  This may have been to minimize the impact on machines with limited free storage or because the typical user does not need a bigger cache size. To see this setting simply go to Edit>Preferences and the dialog below will come up:


Lightroom Camera Raw Cache Setting Close Up

The area in yellow is where you will need to adjust the setting. Here is a closeup of mine prior to changing it.

Lightroom 6 Camera Raw Setting Closeup

Whatever the reason, I discovered that by increasing the setting has a big positive impact on Lightroom 6 performance.  In my case, I found 25GB did the trick. Here is my updated cache setting:

Improve Lightroom 6 performance by increasing cache setting


At this point simply click OK at the bottom of the dialog box and enjoy the improved Lightroom 6 performance. You may want to try a few settings to see what works best for your system.


In the end, I am not convinced that I have the performance I had hoped for, but I definitely find Lightroom 6 performance improved and overall it is more than enough to provide an excellent user experience. I am sure Lightroom 6 performance will continue to improve as Adobe optimizes the performance improvements they added over the coming months.

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